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Permanent Total Disability: The PTD rate is governed by 11-9-501(b).

  • PTD is paid at the same rate as the TTD rate.
  • PTD benefits will begin on the day after the Healing Period Ended date.
  • Limit for liability on PTD benefits is governed by §11-9-502(b)(2) provided [Rule 099.28] notice requirements are met. Thereafter, the limit for liability on PTD benefits is governed by §11-9-502((B) (Act 1599 of 2007).

Death Claims: Eligibility and entitlements are governed by §11-9-527, Compensation for Death.

This section explains:

  • funeral benefits
  • conditions for eligibility
  • class of persons eligible for benefits, their entitlements, and conditions for termination of dependence.
  • Limit for liability is subject to the limitations of compensation enumerated in §11-9-501, §11-9-506 and §11-9-502, as amended by Act 1599 of 2007.
  • §11-9-527(c) provides the percentage of entitlements for each class of beneficiary. This percentage is to be multiplied by the average weekly wage.


If the total combined percentages of all beneficiaries exceed 66 2/3 % or the state weekly maximum, the benefits must be apportioned in accordance with section (e).

Spreadsheets are available in this website under [CALCULATIONS] to assist or you may call Special Funds Division for assistance. Likewise, if you have a question or need assistance on a partial dependency claim, you should call the Special Funds Division for guidance.



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