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TO: Interested Parties

SUBJECT: Workers’ Compensation Presentations for Your Group

As Chief Executive Officer of the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission (AWCC), I want to make you aware of our Speakers Bureau which is available to interested parties in your area.

Our Speakers Bureau consists of staff at the AWCC who can discuss the intricacies of the workers’ compensation law and related issues in a clear, engaging, and interesting way. Our speakers can help bring clarity to complicated legal and medical issues, cost control and claims management concerns, safety programs, and even those confusing governmental forms.

Our professionals offer all-day or half-day workshops; breakfast, lunch, or dinner speeches; and even half-hour or hour-long demonstrations, complete with handouts, to assist groups in dealing with the challenges of workers’ compensation laws, rules, procedures, and forms.

You can invite one speaker or even a team to assist businesses, employees, attorneys, insurance representatives, safety committees, medical providers, and others involved in workers’ compensation.

Contact the Speakers Bureau to outline topics of concern. Personnel can come to your area for presentations. Mail requests to the Speakers Bureau, AWCC, P.O. Box 950, Little Rock, AR 72203-0950, or fax it to 501-682-2786. I look forward to working with you to bring interesting speakers to your community.

Very truly yours,

Barbara W. Webb
Chief Executive Officer


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