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2011 Awards Ceremony
July 21, 2011

Kidsí Chance of Arkansas held its 10th annual scholarship awards ceremony July 21, 2011, in the great hall at the governorís mansion. President Linda Collins opened the ceremony by welcoming the scholarship recipients, their families and Kidsí Chance sponsors who were in attendance.

Keynote Speaker Stacy Sells

Keynote speaker Stacy Sells, Senior Vice President, Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods and mother of past Kidsí Chance scholarship recipient Allyson Brewer offered words of encouragement to the scholarship recipients in attendance. Stacy shared her background of when as a young wife and mother her husband was tragically killed while traveling on business. Stacy knows firsthand the difficulties their daughter Allyson had in attaining her journalism degree from the University of Missouri and through her volunteer work with the Little Rock School District, Stacy has learned the value of a college degree.

Stacy spoke from the heart encouraging the recipients to persevere in their pursuit of higher education and to ask for the help of others in overcoming any stumbling blocks that come their way. It is well known that a college graduate will earn one million dollars more in their lifetime. What is not well known is that of 105 ninth grade children in the state of Arkansas today, only 56 will go on to attend college. Of those 56, only 10 will graduate with a degree. Stacy praised the recipients who, having overcome so much already to reach and begin their college education, now need to persevere and complete their educational goals and be one of those 10.

Student Speaker - Adam Hansen

Also speaking at the luncheon was Adam Hansen, a past and present scholarship recipient. Adam attends the University of Ouachita, majoring in Christian studies and biblical languages. Adam shared that while he understands the added costs involved in attending a private university, he believes Ouachita is the best place to obtain the grounding he needs to move onto seminary and attain his goal of becoming a youth minister. Adam will be a senior in the Fall 2011 semester and will graduate in May 2012.

Sponsor Acknowledgment - Cathy Berry, Corvel

Certificates of Recognition were presented to the many sponsors in attendance followed by the recipients in attendance being introduced and presented with their scholarship checks. Without our sponsors and donors, Kidsí Chance of Arkansas would not be able to continue its mission of providing scholarships to the children of deceased and permanently totally disabled workersí. Thank you for your support.

2011 Scholarship Recipients

Top Row Left - Susan Williams, Unilever/Skippy

Middle Row - Priscilla Woodrow, Vanessa Daniels, Tiffany Westerman, Derrick London, Adam Hansen, Tracy Feldman, Unilever/Skippy

Bottom Row - Justin Hightower, Rachel Schembra, Kore Colwell, First Lady Ginger Beebe, Jeana Pierce, Raleigh Hansen

Goodie Bags provided by Unilever/Skippy