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26 Students Receive Ď11 Scholarships From Kidsí Chance of Arkansas

For its 10th year Kidsí Chance of Arkansas awarded 26 scholarships totaling $48,500 on July 21, 2011. The scholarships are given to dependents of employees killed or permanently and totally disabled by a job-related accident/illness covered under Arkansasí workersí compensation laws.

Candice Arnold

National Park Community College - Art

"Ö I have always had an artistic side and I am not the average girl. I find ways to stand out from the crowd in anything that I pursue. Having had only two years in art classes I need to continue my education, . . . I plan to someday own my own art venue downtown Hot Springs National Park where I can display my talent as well as open it up for other artists to come in and create art on the spot."

Kore A. Colwell

University of Central Arkansas - Radiology

"I have a lot to accomplish in the next few years and I know exactly how I will do it. My academic and career aspirations are very important to me. . . . There are always going to be roadblocks in your life that you have to go around. Studying and financial problems have been my top two challenges this past year. . . . All in all, I am glad to have overcome my study habits this past year, but I think I could still improve them in some areas this upcoming year because it is my last year at the university so I need to buckle down."

Vanessa N. Daniels

North Arkansas College - Mathematics

"On January 1979, my father was injured in an automobile accident . . . The effects of the accident caused him to obtain a very serious spinal injury. The spinal injury caused paralysis from his waist down. Ever since the accident he has been unable to work. I am working toward a bachelorís degree in teaching Middle School mathematics. . . . My goal is to someday teach math to students so they can go forth and conquer their lives to the fullest."

Justin Foyil

University of Arkansas, Monticello - Business Management

"I have been attending the University of Arkansas at Monticello for the past three years. I plan to graduate next May (2012). . . . I know that a college education is going to help me with reaching my goals. A long time back I realized that if I didnít want to get stuck with a dead end low paying job I would have to attend college. . . .I know an education is crucial to my success in life."

Carey Gabbert

Los Angeles City College - Psychology & Theater

"There are two things that I base my entire life on that I learned from my dadís accident. All of the events in my life that havenít gone very smoothly are, in a way, blessings. I see my mind as a stone that has been polished and shined over the years by the things Iíve had to deal with. Iíve become a stronger person because of my Dadís accident, and have gained a great amount of character in the process."

Holly Jessica Gibbs

University of Arkansas - Little Rock - Nursing

"I live in Sheridan and commute to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock for college. . . .The biggest challenges I feel I have with college is the expenses, oh and of course the weight Iíve put on since school started, ha! But really, since gas has gone up and I commute I have spent so much money on getting to Little Rock and home. I have to fill up several times a week. Whew! My checkbook sure hates that! Thank you for my consideration for the Kids Chance of Arkansas scholarship. You all make a difference in young peopleís lives, like mine."

Cherish Ann Gray

College of Southern Nevada - Nursing

"I have been a CNA for four years now and I have really loved it. Thatís why I have decided to further my career in the medical field. . . .I think that my biggest challenge is the same as it has been every year I have attended school. And this would have to be money. As this is a difficult problem for most college students. Unfortunately I have to work a full time job to put myself though college. . . . This is a tough job. I work full time, while I go to school full time and still try to keep my social life somewhat intact because Iím still young and my friends are very important to me."

Raleigh Jordan Hansen

Ouachita Baptist University - Elementary Education

"I was five years old when my father was killed in an airplane crash returning from Mississippi after having flown there to inspect the equipment that he had designed for a lumber company. . . . I am currently a high school senior being home-schooled through A Beka Academy. I have been accepted to Ouachita Baptist University for the fall 2011 semester with plans to study elementary education. I would like to one day use this degree to teach Kindergarten-aged children."

Wesley Adam Hansen

Ouachita Baptist University - Christian Studies & Biblical Languages

"I am currently a junior at Ouachita Baptist University double majoring in Christian Studies and Biblical Languages, with the hopes of attending a seminary upon graduating from Ouachita. I am interested in pursuing a full-time career in youth/pastoral ministry. ÖI have also been the recipient of the Kidsí Chance of Arkansas Scholarship for the past three years for which I am very appreciative. I have worked to maintain a 3.69 grade point average, which allowed me the honor of being invited into Theta Alpha Kappa, a national honors society for religious studies. My hope is that these achievements will merit me additional academic scholarships."

Justin Hightower

Arkansas Tech University - Agriculture Business

"My father, Russell Hightower, an Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department employee was working a historical flood in Independence County on March 19, 2008.
. . . While traveling he had a heart attack and his truck went into the flooded ditch, or he couldnít tell where the road ended and the ditch started, and he drove into the ditch and had the heart attack. . . . My academic and career aspirations are to graduate from Arkansas Tech with my Bachelors of Science in Agriculture Business with an emphasis on pest management. Following my bachelors degree I plan on getting my masters degree in Agri. Business."

Kristin Elizabeth Honeysuckle

Pulaski Technical College - Science

"My father was killed in a plane crash in Hot Springs, Arkansas on December 5, 2002. He was on a business trip with his boss who piloted the plane. I believe I am at a turning point in my academic achievements. I was invited and I accepted a membership to the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at Pulaski Technical College. . . .This summer I will begin the application process for nursing school after a December graduation. The generous gift you gave me last year was a great help."

G. Michael Horn

JRMC School of Nursing - Nursing

"My father, George R. Horn, worked at the National Center for Toxicological Research for the Bionetics Corporation as an Animal Care Technician. . . .He became ill in July of 2000. His illness affected his liver. . . . He died in December 2007 as a result of complications due to liver failure. After his diagnosis and during his remissions, he attended college to hopefully pursue another career that was manageable with his illness.
. . . I know from his experience it is important to keep trying. . . . I would like to further my education to make sure I have a dependable career for my future."

Derrick T. London

Phillips Community College - Business Management

"My father, Ricky London, worked for MECO Seed Company. While delivering a truckload of beans to another company, he lost control of his truck and was killed on June 13, 1991 - two months before I was born. . . . I have lived in Dewitt, AR all my life. It is a hard place to live. Many of the young people here drop out of school, get involved in drugs, and eventually end up in jail. It is easy to get caught up in these things. That is what happened to my two brothers. I donít want that to happen to me. I am trying to be the one to do better."

Hayley McDaniel

Arkansas State University - Radiologic Sciences/MRI

"College was never a question in my family, it was always a must. My higher quality of education and college degree is my next goal in life. I was recently 1 in 7 accepted into the MRI program at Arkansas State University. In two years, I hope to have pursued my goals of becoming a MRI Technician and using the knowledge gained, not only to help my community, but participate in future research in the field of radiology. My life experiences have helped me to appreciate the value of my goal, and I look forward to reaching it."

Jeana Carlene Pierce

South Arkansas Community College - Nursing

"I have always known my father as ďtotally permanently disabled.Ē He was injured on April 25, 1985; I was born July 15, 1993. . . . Even though I couldnít fully understand his circumstances when I was young, I knew that he wasnít what was considered ďnormal;Ē he needed me. . . . I want to be a surgical nurse, helping to save peopleís lives, and making their quality of life a better one. . . .Throughout my life, I have learned that compassion for others cannot only touch them for their betterment, but can encourage the one showing the compassion as well. This lesson has led me toward the career choice that Iím pursuing."

Chelsea Jo Poole

University of Central Arkansas - Nursing

"My dad was injured on the job before I even came into this world. All I have known is him being hurt. He has had five neck surgeries and cannot move his neck at all. . . .Watching my parents struggle to provide for my family was another thing that motivated me to go to college and make my dream of helping others come true. . . .I am currently in nursing school at the University of Central Arkansas. I will graduate May 2013 with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I plan on working for a couple of years as a registered nurse and then I would like to go to nurse anesthetist school to become a certified registered nurse anesthetist."

Melanie M. Rivers

University of Central Arkansas - Psychology

"I graduated with honors from high school in 2006. I have also been a Presidential Scholar, which is obtaining a 4.0 GPA seven out of eight semesters while earning my Bachelors degree and graduated with highest honors in May 2010. . . .I pursued my Bachelors degree in psychology and am currently attending graduate school to obtain a Masters degree in psychology and may decide to obtain my Doctorate in school psychology. . . . The importance of success is vital to me. I grew up without a father and want to prove to others that life goes on and success is possible even without the fatherly advise that would have been given to me."

Rachel Schembra

Arkansas Tech University - Music Education

"On my journey to attend college, I have had many opportunities to reflect on my childhood experiences in several biographies and interviews. Throughout this past year as a senior, I have developed who I am as an individual. At a very young age I had to experience, as many other children have, the loss of a parent. My father and I had a bond that was so strong; he taught me how to hunt, fish, and live my life to the fullest. Though my father may be gone his life still influences everything that I do."

Mallory Siedschlag

University of Louisiana - Monroe - Elementary Education

"As a college student and adult I have learned to overcome the death of my father and have realized that things happen for a reason. . . . My father Joseph Siedschlag died in 1990 in a plane crash while on the job of a contracting business. Although I was too young to realize what had happened in my life and my families big loss, I see it now day in and day out. . . . I love to work with children and enjoy helping them better themselves in all areas of education. I have been employed with a church daycare almost two years right now and plan to be there until I graduate and can place myself in a life long career."

Landon Sullins

Arkansas Tech University - Health PE Wellness Fitness

"As you know, this is my final year and I will graduate in May 2013. I just want to thank Kids Chance for the scholarships I have received over the past years. Those scholarships have helped me tremendously in buying a laptop, books and assistance in paying my rent. As all of you know, my Dad was killed in an accident when I was 4 years old, so it has just been my Mom to help me reach my goal. She has always worked at least 2 jobs in supporting me to reach my goals in education."

Kaylee S. Thompson

University of Arkansas - Monticello - Computer Information Systems

"The circumstances of the work related injury of my father, Henry J. Thompson happened on July 17, 1990. However, at that time I was only 9 months old and can only share what I have been told since his death. . . . I try very hard not to focus on the circumstance of how he lost his life because it is painful to dwell on. But, more than anything, I try to focus on all the good things about him and his accomplishment in his short life. My mother made sure that she made a book about him for me and my two brothers that included pictures, and other memorabilia of him."

Hannah Vines

University of Arkansas - Fayetteville - Mechanical Engineering

". . . At the very young age of six, my father died in an airplane crash. . . .This event radically changed my life although I had absolutely no idea at the time. I have been incredibly blessed by having been accepted to college and already completed 2 years toward my bachelorís degree. My aspiration to design airplanes will one day be achieved by accomplishing the smaller tasks that I put before myself. . . . Building my resume this next year will be very challenging, but necessary in order to accomplish my dream. These challenges that I have faced in my life have made me who I am today and have given me the strength to overcome anything in the future."


Ashlee Paige Walker

Arkansas State University - Social Work

"In the fall Iíll be attending Arkansas State University. Iíll be pursuing a degree in social work. Iíve chosen this career because it is a job centered around helping the helpless. I hope to get a job with a non-profit organization or something like International Justice Mission and work somewhere overseas. My dream is to be an abolitionist and set people free from physical slavery while also sharing the gospel with them and showing them how to be set free spiritually."

James P. Westerman, III

Arkansas Tech University - Hospitality Management

"I am finishing my fourth/Senior year at Arkansas Tech. My major is Hospitality Management and I continue to love my chosen field. It has opened many doors and I feel the opportunities in this field are tremendous. . . . I have always been an avid outdoorsman and a ďpeople personĒ and I believe that this career would ensure that I could still be in the wilderness I love, while also working to conserve and preserve the environment while giving others the chance to enjoy the outdoors with their family and friends. I greatly appreciate the assistance that Kidsí Chance has given me to help fulfill my dreams and give me the opportunity to have my dreams come true."

Tiffany C. Westerman

University of Arkansas - Fayetteville - Sociology & Criminal Justice

"I am enrolled at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and have enjoyed my first year here. My major is in Sociology with a minor or double-major in Criminal Justice. With my education, I hope to be able to become a field officer in the FBI. I am most interested in fighting organized crimes, including terrorism, and solving cases that force you to think outside the box, which I feel is one of my strong suites. An FBI recruiter visited our campus and was very informative. I was able to speak with her and she was very encouraging. Thank you for your consideration and also the help that you give all of us. It is greatly appreciated."

Priscilla Marie Woodrow

University of Oklahoma - Archaeology

"After I graduate from Roland High School in May of 2011, I will be attending the fall 2011 semester at the University of Oklahoma. I have chosen to major in archaeology and maybe minor in aviation. Being an archaeologist was a childhood dream of mine. I want to make that dream manifest because I believe I have the dedication and willpower to do anything I set my mind to. . . .The courses I will be enrolled in will be the most challenging I have taken yet. With perseverance and dedication to my school work, I will easily overcome any obstacle on the pathway to fulfilling my goals."