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26 Students Receive Ď10 Scholarships From Kidsí Chance of Arkansas

Kidsí Chance of Arkansas awarded 26 scholarships totaling $51,000 on July 13, 2010. The scholarships are given to dependents of employees killed or permanently and totally disabled by a job-related accident/illness covered under Arkansasí workersí compensation laws.

Candice Arnold

Harding University - Art

"I am a big dreamer and hope to accomplish all of my aspirations. Some of my educational goals are to go to Harding University, major in art, and be the first one from my family to graduate college."

Heather Ashley Blake

Ozarka College - Education/Teaching

"My desire when I graduate high school is to go to Ozarka College in Mountain View. I plan to go into Early Childhood Development/Teaching. I feel that I could help other children overcome an obstacle in their life with a death of a parent like I have had to overcome. Helping children has always been my desire in life."

Janell Brinkley

Arkansas State University at Jonesboro - Business Management/Human Resources

"With all tragedies that happen at unfortunate times, obstacles will always try to get in the way of students trying to achieve their goals in life. I have been through many barriers during my lifetime, but it has never stopped me from furthering my education. After graduation next spring, I want to continue my education and receive a minor in a foreign language, Spanish. I have maintained focus on hard work to succeed in school."

Kore A. Colwell

University of Central Arkansas - Radiology

"My goal for the next few years is to complete the required basics and pursue an avenue in the medical field. I feel that my future has endless possibilities, and the world is mine for the taking."

Vanessa N. Daniels

North Arkansas College - Mathematics

"One of the biggest challenges I will face will be that the commute each day is over 70 miles. When I transfer to Russellville it be will a daily commute of over 140 miles. My goal is to someday teach math to children that are about to engage in their lifelong dream."

Clinton Ryan Engle

University of Arkansas at Fayetteville - Civil Engineering

"The hardest thing that I have had to cope with in college is organizing time in each day to go to class, study, and work. There just doesnít seem like enough time in the day to do it all. Each year this scholarship makes a difference in my college career by allowing me more time to study and relying less on having to work throughout the school year. It is organizations like Kidsí Chance that help kids like me better their community and further their education. My motherís integrity, will power, persistency, and physical and mental strength will always inspire me to do my best."

Justin S. Foyil

University of Arkansas at Monticello - Surveying

"Although I was young, I do still remember spending time with my dad before his death. I can remember that he took me on my first hunt, which apparently got me hooked as I am an avid hunter and fisherman. Iím not saying money is everything, but to function properly in todayís society you have to have a good job that pays decent and has good benefits. I am half way through with college and realize that to have a good prosperous life it is a necessity to finish my college education."

Carey James Gabbert

Santa Monica College - Psychology/Theater Arts

"There are two things that I base my entire life on that I learned from my dadís death. All of the events in my life that havenít gone very smoothly are, in a way, blessings. I see my mind as a stone that has been polished and shined over the years by the things Iíve had to deal with. Iíve become a stronger person because of my dadís accident, and have gained a great amount of character in the process. Because of the emotional things Iíve learned to deal with, I thought Iíd make a career of it, and I will receive my bachelors in Psychology and Theater Arts within the next two years."

Holly Jessica Gibbs

University of Arkansas at Little Rock - Radiologic Imaging Sciences

"I attend the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and plan to further my schooling at UAMS for Radiologic Imaging Sciences. . . . My life has been very difficult but I keep my head held high and know that the people who are no longer with me would want me to succeed. I have an abundant amount of support from my family and my friends. . . . I am a chancellorís Leadership Scholar and the Vice President of Community Service for Eta Sigma Chapter of Kappa Delta. These are large responsibilities but I enjoy every minute of it and also keeping my studies strong."

Cherish A. Gray

Truckee Meadows Community College - Nursing

"I have been going to college for the last three years and I have been overcoming so many different challenges. I am going to school to get my Associate in Nursing and will become a Registered Nurse. I have been working at White Pine Care Center for the last three years and really love it. I love being around my residents and love that Iím always there for them. I canít wait to become a nurse because I am going to have this feeling for the rest of my life."

Wesley Adam Hansen

Ouachita Baptist University - Christian Studies/Biblical Languages

"I am currently a sophomore at Ouachita Baptist University double majoring in Christian Studies and Biblical Languages, with the hopes of attending a seminary upon graduating from Ouachita. I am interested in pursing a full-time career in your/pastoral ministry. . . . I have worked to maintain a 3.66 grade point average, which allowed me th honor of being invited into Theta Alpha Kappa, a national honors society for religious studies. My hope is that these achievements will merit me additional academic scholarships."

Kristin Elizabeth Honeysuckle

Pulaski Technical College - Nursing

"It has now been seven years since the death of my father. There is not a day that I do not think of him and wish he were here to guide me. Fortunately, I have my mom who tries to serve both roles of parents. She is quite a task master and cares enough to steer and guide me."

G. Michael Horn

Southeast Arkansas College - Nursing

"I would like to further my education to make sure I have a dependable career for my future. I wish I had realized in junior high how important it is to apply myself fully. I have decided I would like to study nursing, and become a RN. I enjoy helping others so I thought this would be a good field to get into."

Deanna Hudson

Carl Albert State College - Nursing

"Losing a parent can be one of the hardest circumstances for a child to deal with at such a young age, or even at any age. I had some wonderful, memorable times with my father, and I will never forget the hero and leader he was to me. . . . I have come across many obstacles over the past two years while attending college, and I figure I will have many more as the years go on. I try to set my standards high and know that I have to do whatever it takes to overcome those obstacles, but one day I will fulfill my dreams and graduate with a nursing degree."

Richard Alan Hudson, Jr.

Arkansas Tech University - Forestry

"After losing a parent, you have to face many challenges and overcome many obstacles. After losing my dad, I faced many challenges. The first was just dealing with my loss. It was very hard for me to comprehend that I would never see my dad again. The second challenge I faced was growing up with only one parent. My final challenge is complete my school and receiving my degree. . . . I work hard every day for myself and my dad. I know he would have wanted to see me graduate school. So I am going to do it to prove that my dad was right. I can do anything I put my mind to."

Charles Otis Jones, Jr.

Arkansas State University at Jonesboro - Counseling

"When my dad was alive he taught me how to love and take care of my family, and if it wasnít for my dad teaching these characteristics to me, then I wouldnít have become the man I am today. . . . I decided I was going to go to college at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, and become a counselor to help those in need of whatever they might need help with. . . . Iím aspired to do these things because I know thatís what dad would want me to do."

Joshua Lamb

University of Arkansas at Monticello - Wildlife Management

"If my father was here today Iím more than certain he would try to convince me to go to college. So, Iím going to do just that. I plan on majoring in wildlife management at the University of Arkansas at Monticello. After achieving 60 hours of college credit I plan to apply for an internship with Arkansas Game and Fish Commission."

Amanda M. LeMay

Southern Arkansas University - Finance and accounting

"Whatever circumstance may arise, whether good or bad, will only make me a stronger person. I will take everything on with ďstrength, courage, and confidenceĒ in each moment, knowing God has an unquestionable plan for each occurrence. . . . Todayís world presents many different career paths to choose from. With those paths come many different opportunities that will lead you to a lot of different destinations. Iím a firm believer in ďYou have to know where youíre going . . . in order to get where you want to be.Ē"

Hayley McDaniel

Arkansas State University at Jonesboro - Radiology

"College was never a question in my family, it was always a must. My higher quality of education and college degree is my next goal in life. I am currently interested in the field of Radiology or other health care services."

Michelle McElroy

University of Phoenix - Health Administration

"My mom always pushes me to do my best. She made me see that no matter the situation, there was always a little light at the end of the tunnel. Knowing that my family is behind me one hundred percent, I know I will succeed at my ambitions. I know my father will always smile down upon me with love and faith and give me that little push when times become too tough for me to take in on my own."

Melanie Rivers

University of Central Arkansas - Graduate School Studies in Psychology

"The importance of success is vital to me. I grew up without a father and want to prove to others that life goes on and success is possible even without the fatherly advise that would have been given to me."

Landon J. Sullins

Arkansas Tech University - Wellness Science

"The Kidsí Chance Scholarship has been a tremendous assistance, making going to college a possibility to pursue my dream. My dream has always been to play college baseball and then play big league ball. Dreams, I realize, take a lot of hard work and determination. I am currently in my junior year at Arkansas Tech and a red-shirt sophomore in baseball. My hard work and determination have kept me in number 1 catcher position for 2 years. . . . I have a theory: ďAnyone can overcome hardship if they want to with hard work and determination.Ē With my degree, I will be able to enter the work market as a productive member of society."

Kaylee S. Thompson

University of Arkansas at Monticello - Computer Information Systems

"After completing my bachelors in Computer Information Systems, I plan on getting my masters. As new opportunities arise, the market demand will create over a million new jobs and approximately 1.5 million new openings for Computer Information Systems graduates. It is my desire to study, keep a positive attitude, work hard and remain focused until I reach my goal."

Hannah A. Vines

University of Arkansas at Fayetteville - Mechanical engineering

"At the end of my freshman year of college I have realized that I have learned more than just lessons in the classroom, but I have gained knowledge from some amazing friends I have met. As I was packing up to head back home for the summer, I mentioned to some of my friends that my dad died when I was 6 years old in a plane crash, one of them responded with, ďthatís something that defines you, doesnít it.Ē She had no idea how correct she was in that statement. I never really considered that my father dying was something that defines me, but as I look at my life now and my aspirations there is no doubt that August 12, 1997 was a defining moment in my life."

James P. Westerman, III

Arkansas Tech University - Hospitality management

"I am a Hospitality major and have fallen in love with it. My dream is still to one day own and operate an outdoor wilderness resort. While I continue my education I am working at the Lake Point Conference Center. I have always been an avid outdoors man and I believe that this career would ensure that I could still be in the wilderness I love, while also working to conserve and preserve the environment while giving others the chance to enjoy the outdoors with their family and friends."

Tiffany Westerman

University of Arkansas at Fayetteville - Sociology

"I have been accepted into the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and am looking forward to attending there this fall. I plan to major in Sociology and minor in Criminal Justice. With my education, I hope to be able to become a field officer in the FBI. I am most interested in fighting organized crimes, including terrorism, and solving cases that force you to think outside the box. Working for the FBI is definitely the goal I have set for myself after graduation from college."