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25 Students Receive '08 Scholarships
From Kids' Chance of Arkansas

Kids' Chance of Arkansas awarded 25 scholarships worth $51,000 on July 24, 2008. The scholarships are given to dependents of employees killed or permanently and totally disabled by a job-related accident/illness covered under Arkansas' workers' compensation laws.

Sierra M. Anderson

Sierra attends Arkansas State University, majoring in Criminology.

“Education was very important to my parents. They always wanted me and my older bothers to excel in life. My mother and father both attended college, and I am proud to follow in their footsteps for them and for myself.”

Amber Baker

Amber plans to study Cosmetology at the Texarkana Cosmetology Academy.

“If my father were here today, I sometimes wonder what advice he would give me and what his opinion would be on my life choices. Though losing my father was one of the hardest things I have experienced, I know I have learned so much from it and hope to apply what I have learned to life and make a difference.”

Janell Brinkley

Janell plans to study Computer Programming at the University of Central Arkansas.

“Over the years I have not used my dad’s death as an excuse to get sympathy. Instead, I look at this as being a stepping stone in God’s plan for myself as well as my family. I miss him terribly, but I know he would want me to succeed in everything I do.”

L. J. Bryant

L. J. is majoring in political science at Hendrix College.

“Today, as I examine my life, I can’t help but ponder the difference my father would have made on a daily basis. Family and friends are constantly remarking how things I do would have affected my father. The truth is we will never know.”

Haley Coleman

Haley is pursing her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing through the University of Phoenix.

“For the past five years I have worked diligently at furthering my education. Becoming a Registered Nurse has been my biggest academic achievement. In January, 2008, I enrolled at the University of Phoenix for my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. I have taken my learning experiences and applied them to the clinical setting.”

Caleb Craig

Caleb is studying pharmacy at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

“I have aspired to become a clinical pharmacist. A clinical pharmacist works as an assistant to medical practitioners for cases requiring specialized pharmacy knowledge. With this specialized knowledge, I would also like to pursue a career in pharmaceutical research.”

Lauren Duke

Lauren attends Henderson State University, majoring in Nursing.

“I was amazed at the caring and kindness of the doctors and nurses that took care of my Dad. Seeing these men and women help my Dad just by doing their jobs was part of what inspired me to become a nurse.”

Clinton Ryan Engle

Clint will attend the University of Arkansas where he will study Engineering.

“I feel that the biggest challenge for me will be to balance studying, classes and working part time. I have been in many organizations, as well as held office, and I feel that I will be able to use my time management skills I have learned to overcome my biggest challenge.”

Justin Foyil

Justin plans to study Forestry at the University of Arkansas at Monticello.

“I’m currently not 100 percent on what I want to do, but I would like to do something either in the field of forestry or wildlife management. I want to do some- thing that I like to do and that is challenging, yet also pays good money and has good benefits.”

Cherish Ann Gray

Cherish is studying Nursing at Great Basin Community College in Nevada.

“Paying your own way through college is very hard....I would like to only work part time while going to school. This past year I worked full time, and I realized it was hard to juggle both work and school.”

Wesley Adam Hansen

Adam plans to study Christian Ministries at Ouachita Baptist University.

“The biggest challenge for me to achieve my plans to attend Ouachita Baptist University is the high tuition that a private college requires. However, in order to achieve my career goals of establishing a Christian school, I feel that Ouachita offers the best courses of study that I will need to accomplish these goals.”

Lauren Alice Hughes

Lauren will pursue her nursing studies at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

“The biggest challenge I will face throughout my college career as well as the rest of my life is living up to the tall shadow my father casts. No matter what I do in this life and where my journey takes me, I can always look to my father as a beacon of what it means to be a decent, upstanding individual in a world that can seem so ugly.”

Amanda M. LeMay

Amanda attends Southern Arkansas University where she is majoring in Accounting and Finance.

“I just completed my second year of college, and I’m still learning about what life’s like being on your own. I’m gaining an understanding of what being an adult is like with all the sacrifices, such as working, cleaning and paying bills.”

Hayley McDaniel

Haley attends Arkansas State University where she is studying Radiology.

“I am currently working a part-time job after and in between classes and looking forward to entering my major program. College was never a question in my family; it was always a must.”

Michelle A. McElroy

Michelle attends Arkansas Tech University where she is majoring in Nursing.

“Attending college is my most exciting, yet difficult, ambition. I am aware of the stress and difficulty I will have to overcome. Going into the medical field requires a lot of hard work and dedication. I am the type of person who will strive to achieve my goals and will always see the best in situations.”

Allyson Brewer Pittman

Allyson is majoring in Journalism at the University of Missouri.

“After graduation, I am considering the option of attending law school, like my father. Those who knew him say I am very much like my dad. I’m told I have his smile, his attitude, and his curious ways. I hope the curious nature he has passed down to me will help me grow up and be like my father, a successful lawyer, and like my mother, an active and participating member of society.”

Emily Hollis Proffitt

Hollis is studying Anthropology at Hendrix College.

“I believe that the events of my childhood have given me a heart for empathy and justice on a global scale. I started off my college career with a big heart, but with little knowledge or direction as to where I wanted to focus my talents. As my college career comes to an end this coming year, I have truly found my calling and dedicated my efforts to three specific topics: Africa, women’s rights and midwifery.”

Shannon Raley

Shannon is studying Physics and Arabic at the University of Arkansas.

“The biggest challenge that I have found while attending university is overcoming my shyness and anxiety about meeting other people and speaking up. Most of my friends from high school decided to go to different colleges up north, so I have been forced to make new friends, which has been a really good challenge for me.”

Melanie Rivers

Melanie attends the University of Central Arkansas where she is majoring in Psychology.

“My goal is to obtain my Ph.D. in either school or counseling psychology. I have been interested in helping people and also have been interested in the medical field. After I get my degree, I want to work in a school, preferably elementary, to assist troubled children or in a clinic.”

Linzey Rae Stacy

Linzey is majoring in Nursing at Arkansas State University.

“The obstacle that I feel is the hardest to overcome is accepting that my best friend, my Dad, is not physically present for the rest of my life. It is difficult knowing that my father is not here to help me plan out my future or just talk about what is going on in my life. I often find myself frustrated when I hear my friends talk rudely to their father because I would do anything in the world to have one more phone conversation with my father.”

Nicole Stacy

Nicole will attend Arkansas State University where she will study Physical Therapy.

“My father’s death has been the biggest challenge to overcome. Up until I was ten he was always there to support me in cheerleading, softball and even school. Since his death, my siblings and I have become stronger and closer to each other.”

Landon Sullins

Landon is studying History and Physical Education at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith.

“For my dreams to have come true so far, I have had to work hard. Most of the credit goes to my mom. ... She has worked hard since my dad died so we could have a good life. She has helped me achieve my dreams, but most of all, she has always been there to support and cheer me on in all of my endeavors. She deserves all the praise that I can give her.”

Ashley Uccetta

Ashley is studying Business at Johnson & Wales University.

Without my father as an inspiration and mentor, I wouldn't be nearly as driven to succeed or as eager to learn. Since the injury, the admiration of my father's strength has only grown, and I am more motivated than ever to make him proud. Even though the injury was unfortunate, it has taught me that no matter what life throws at you, it is always possible to come out on top."

Taryn Walker

Taryn is majoring in Church Ministry with emphasis in Women’s Studies at Boyce College.

“The training that I am receiving at Boyce will equip me to help women in all cultures understand what it means to be a woman. It will also prepare me to share with others how to have meaning and purpose by having a relationship with Christ.”

Kristen Dawn White

Kristen will attend Arkansas Tech University where she will study English and Creative Writing Education.

“Continuing my education represents freedom and a sense of stability I have never known. It symbolizes proof-proof to myself that I can rise above and become whatever it is in this world that I want to be. And also proof to everyone who believes in me that their faith was not a wasted effort, but a sincere blessing.”