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Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission

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Email Addresses



Email Address

Rhonda Adams, Adjudication, Springdale Office
Beverly Bailey, Adjudication
Mike Baker, Division Head, Self-Insured
Carl Bayne, Division Head, Operations/Compliance
Chandra Black, Administrative Law Judge
Lane Blaylock, Legal Advisor
Andrew Blood, Administrative Law Judge
Linda Blucker, Clerk of the Commission
Bridgett Bowman, Operations/Compliance
Marlene Braggs, Clerk of the Commission
Mefa Brand, Administrative Services
Donna Breuer, Health and Safety
Mary Broderick, Special Funds
Pat Brown, Special Funds
Peggy Burks, Full Commission
Anna Cecil, Self-Insured
Mark Churchwell, Administrative Law Judge
Shelia Clark, Self-Insured
Zane Cogdell, Information Technology
Penny Cole, Microfilm and Imaging
Rosemary Coleman, Health and Safety
Janna Craig, Executive Offices
Larry Cross, Full Commission
Dawn Crawford, Full Commission
Wilma Defoggi, Executive Offices
Dale Douthit, Chairman, Full Commission
Milton Fine, Administrative Law Judge
Deborah Flenory, Clerk of the Commission
Meryl Fulmer, Administrative Services
Adrian Garmon, Administrative Services
Linda Gibson, Information Technology
Joanna Gifford, Adjudication
Manuela Giraldo, Health and Safety
Deana Graves, Full Commission
Tami Gray, Adjudication
David Greenbaum, Chief Administrative Law Judge
Johnny Gregory, Division Head, Legal Advisor
Amy Grimes, Administrative Law Judge, Springdale Office
Pat Capps Hannah, Division Head, Medical Cost Containment
Paul Hansen, Health and Safety
Pat Hart, Division Head, Health and Safety
Cynthia Henn, Information Technology
Candice Hester, Administrative Services
Beth Hogan, Administrative Law Judge
Philip Hood, Commissioner, Full Commision
Susan Isaac, Medical Cost Containment
Beverly Keathley, Clerk of the Commission
James Kennedy, Administrative Law Judge
Christy King, Special Funds
Linda Lewis, Operations/Compliance
Janie McGaugh, Adjudication, Springdale Office
Mark McGuire, Assistant Chief Executive Officer
Robin Mickel, Division Head, Special Funds
Phyllis Miles, Adjudication
Courtney Miller, Administrative Services
Patrick Neal, Operations/Compliance
Faye Nelson-Sanders, Information Technology
David Pake, Special Funds
Christopher Palmer, Commissioner, Full Commission
Debbie Patterson, Administrative Services
Mary Patterson, Health and Safety
Emily Paul, Legal Advisor
Nancy Pendleton, Clerk of the Commission
Tori Pippins, Operations/Compliance
Brenda Reed, Operations/Compliance
Catherine Richart, Legal Advisor
Carol Robbins, Special Funds
Andrea Robinson, Full Commission
Janie Rogers, Secretary, Springdale Office
Stephen Rolen, Division Head, Information Technology
Deborah Rollins, Adjudication
Cary Ross, Self-Insured
Rosemary Shirley, Adjudication, Springdale Office
Margie Sims, Operations/Compliance
Eli Singer, Medical Cost Containment
Greg Stewart, Administrative Law Judge, Springdale Office
Martha Tatum, Administrative Services
Lisa Underwood, Special Funds
Leslie Walter, Health and Safety
Carolyn Washington, Division Head, Clerk of the Commission
Susan Washington, Medical Cost Containment
Rosalyn Watts, Full Commission
Barbara Webb, Chief Executive Officer
Eric Wells, Administrative Law Judge, Springdale Office
Sherrie Wheaton, Health and Safety
Brenda Williams, Health and Safety
Kathy Wroten, Adjudication
Ron Zuber, Operations/Compliance

Facsimile (Fax) Numbers

Adjudication Division 501-682-2048
Administrative Services Division 501-682-1791
Clerk of the Commission 501-682-2042
Forms 1, 2, 4, M 501-682-2777
Health & Safety Division 501-683-3169
Legal Advisor Division 501-682-6761
Library 501-682-2048
Medical Cost Containment Division 501-682-1790
Operations & Compliance Division 501-682-2494
Self-Insurance Division 501-682-1789
Special Funds Division 501-682-2504
Springdale 479-756-5960
Support Services Division 501-683-2110

Toll-Free Telephone Numbers

Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission 800-622-4472
Legal Advisor Division 800-250-2511
Springdale 800-852-5376
Special Funds 866-880-8444


State of Arkansas
Workers' Compensation Commission
324 South Spring Street
P.O. Box 950
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203-0950
Telephone 1-501-682-3930 / 1-800-622-4472
Legal Advisor Direct 1-800-250-2511
Arkansas Relay System TDD 1-800-285-1131

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